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Ian Chapman bench donation

Bench donation in memory of Ian

A new bench has been donated in memory of Ian Chapman who lived at Kingsley Court for three years.

Now all of the ladies and gents of Kingsley Court can sit and relax in the sun sunshine at the front of the house.

Ian, born near Croydon Airport, where he had watched the planes with his brother, grew up in Gloucester. He became a Precision toolmaker and Prototype engineer with Wynnstruments. At weekends he escaped to his passions for motorcycle scrambling, and trials, winning trophies, and country walking.

He retired to North Wales for the mountains and golf, and he lived alone contentedly for 30 years, climbing Snowdon on his 70th birthday.

He knew Weymouth from visiting his nephew so following a serious fall he moved here into Kingsley Court. It has proved to be a wonderful find.

For the first time Ian was part of a community with activities, outings and group meals. The staff recognised that sometimes he would join in, other times he was happy on his own, reading!

He would have approved of the workmanship and design of the bench and we are sure it will be well used.

My grandmother is extremely happy at Friary House. The staff are hardworking, kind, caring and always smiling. As a family, we feel comfort knowing our grandmother/mother is safe and happy. At Friary House, the team are exceptional. Thank you!

Megan M

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