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Simple tips to make your care home room feel like home

One of the most difficult things in life is moving into a care home. Not least because many people who become care home residents are older people who have lived in their own homes for a very long time – and collected lots of memories.

Personalising your room is one of those things that can make the big step of moving into a care home so much easier and helps keep your identity. If you can make your room as homely as possible with your own decorations and furnishings, it can help you settle in and feel better about the transition into care.

Show off your favourite pictures

Hanging or displaying you favourites pictures and photographs in your care room is an easy way to make you feel more at home. Pictures of family members, friends, holidays you have been on, or loving pets all add that personal touch to your room and are a great way of keeping your memories alive.

Pictures are also a great talking point, not just with your visitors but also with staff – and don’t hesitate to add new ones to your collection – you can create new memories in your care home too!

Give your room a homely smell

People strongly associate smells with their homes and memories, so replicating the smell of your home can bring you comfort and help with reminiscing. Perhaps you have used a favourite scented candle or air freshener in the past. Bringing those familiar smells into your new room all helps to add to that homely feel and is a great way to personalise your room.

Bring items that have sentimental value

The ornaments that you have collected at home in the past with have lots of sentimental and even emotional value and will help you create that association of home.

You have probably collected lots of things that hold personal value to you, gifts from loved ones and family, souvenirs, and treasures from your previous travels. Placing these around your room can give it your personal touch.

Creating a familiar environment with your furniture

Having your own furniture in your room is a good way to personalise your own space and make it more familiar. Many care homes encourage you to bring your favourite piece of furniture – it might be a favourite chair or dressing table – think about furnishing your room with items that hold sentimental value and you would like to keep around you.

Recreating your space at home

If you have a certain piece of furniture like a sideboard or chest of drawers that always had a framed picture on it at home, why not recreate that space within your room. Replicating the space from your home is a great way to make it feel familiar.

Sleeping with your own bedding

If your care home allows, bringing your own bedspread or bedding can turn your new bed into your own. Having your own bedding can also make your room more colourful and make you feel more comfortable to sleep at night.

Beautiful flowers add personality and make you feel at home

You can add a touch of your own personality by having your favourite flowers in your room. The smell of fresh flowers can also bring that sense (or scents) of homeliness to your surroundings. Don’t forget that dried flowers are also an option, and they will last so much longer.

Music to bring back happy memories

Listening to music is often a big part of people’s lives and a great way of sparking a memorable moment or person in your life. Taking a radio or a CD player with you to your new room can help you reminisce and re-live those precious moments.

Maintaining your independence

Moving into a care home is a big change so don’t forget to bring those things that will help you maintain your independence. This might include bringing in material for your favourite hobby.


If you are choosing a care home in Dorset, our aim is to provide a loving and comfortable home environment for people who feel unable or do not wish to live on their own any longer. We operate to the highest professional standards and encourage our residents to be as independent as possible. We believe it is our personal caring touch that makes all the difference.

If you would like to arrange a visit or discuss your residential care needs please call Peter Fry 01305 78 78 11.


My grandmother is extremely happy at Friary House. The staff are hardworking, kind, caring and always smiling. As a family, we feel comfort knowing our grandmother/mother is safe and happy. At Friary House, the team are exceptional. Thank you!

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Our commitment to your safe care

Throughout the pandemic we have been advised by the Department of Health, The Care Quality Commission, Public Health England, and our dedicated GP. This has ensured our ability to give the maximum protection to those who have made their home with Friary Care, our staff and their families. All our staff and residents have been offered the Covid-19 vaccine and we are looking to the future with a much easier heart.

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