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Moving into a care home

When you might consider moving into a care home

Moving into a care home can have lots of benefits but making the decision to move out of your home and into care is not one to be taken lightly. There are lots of reasons you might consider that a care home is right for you.

Different types of care homes

Care homes fall into different categories depending on the level of care and nursing care provided. A care home is generally a place that provides residential care for people who need substantial help and support with their personal care. Trained care staff will be on hand 24 hours a day to look after you.

Types of care homes:-

In addition to 24-hour personal care, care homes will usually provide accommodation and meals plus additional outings and social activities.

When to consider a move to a care home

There are several reasons why you might consider moving into a care home.
For example:-

There are lots of things to think about – not least what you want and need from your future care and what financial implications you will need to consider too.

The benefits of moving into Residential Care

Some of the drawbacks of residential care

There are many benefits of moving into care, however there are some drawbacks to consider too:-

My grandmother is extremely happy at Friary House. The staff are hardworking, kind, caring and always smiling. As a family, we feel comfort knowing our grandmother/mother is safe and happy. At Friary House, the team are exceptional. Thank you!

Megan M

Our commitment to your safe care

Throughout the pandemic we have been advised by the Department of Health, The Care Quality Commission, Public Health England, and our dedicated GP. This has ensured our ability to give the maximum protection to those who have made their home with Friary Care, our staff and their families. All our staff and residents have been offered the Covid-19 vaccine and we are looking to the future with a much easier heart.

Friary Safe Care
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